PUBG Mobile Review and Hack – Android

PUBG Mobile Review and Hack

If you have not been living under a rock for this past couple of months, you may have heard “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” from some of your friends or seen memes on Social Networking sites. Well, this comes from one of the most popular Android games available on the platform, PUBG. The hit game on PC (and Xbox One) that popularized the battle royale genre, has made its way to Android and iOS devices. There are few things to know about PUBG on mobile so that you can keep feasting on that chicken dinner.

About PUBG Mobile

PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground. It’s a battle Royale type game i.e all against all. A competitive third-person shooter that pits you against 99 other players in a battle for the last man standing. Starting out with nothing, you’ll need to find supplies, arm yourself, and head into the fray as the environment around you gets smaller and smaller as time goes on. It starts with you skydiving with just underwear. You reach the Ground and collect clothes, guns, backpack, first aid kits, energy drink, ammo, etc. and the action begins in a flash. You have to kill every other player other than your squad, to win the game.

But here comes a twist. You have to do this in a specified play area which shrinks with time making all players to be condensed in a small area or you slowly die.

With few players remaining the area shrinks to tiny size making the moment intense and heart-pounding. The last remaining team or player wins the game.

To make the game even better there are vehicles, suits, trees, bushes, water, speed boats etc. With a voice chat playing as a squad is seriously fun.

Hack versions of the game

There are players who love to cheat in PUBG. There are several hacks for the game, including aim, position revealer of the enemy. There is even a PUBG Mobile android hack that can give you unlimited Battle Points on your account.

The “Battle Royal” concept

Brendan Greene, the creative director of PUBG, has worked on previous projects such as H1Z1 and a “Battle Royal” mod for Arma 2 and 3. Through these experiences of implementing the concept of the battle royal mode, he was eventually tasked to create PUBG by BlueHole, a Korean gaming company. The Battle Royal mode was inspired by an old Japanese horror film Battle Royale(2000).

On the surface, PUBG appears as a common realistic shooter, but when playing the game it becomes a terrifying and thrilling experience as the game mechanics put more and more pressure on the players in the game to engage in quick thinking as their options to survive to diminish. If you survive to until you are one of the 5 remaining players, you will understand exactly what I mean.

Not just a shooter.

Twitchy and accurate mouse control is king in most FPS games, but PUBG has players needing to bring more to the table. Tactical elements in strategy and resource management come to play. Engage or not to engage. Move to that hill or to that tree. All the above need to be considered and prioritized before making such decisions. Surely adding to your kill-count gives you bragging rights, but what really matters in the game is only a matter of being the last person alive.

Duo and Squad modes bring people together.

What keeps me coming back to the game is how PUBG requires constant communication among members of a Squad or Duo. Taking advantage of reviving downed teammates, is the best strategy as it could mean the difference of having the final showdown at 4v4 or 1v4. Whenever I play in a Duo and Squad, I am constantly making calls on the current situation. It could be the position of the safe zone, when we need to move to the next safe zone, inventory check, determine the next best move, direction of shots fired, the position of enemies, etc.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

This message appears when you become the final survivor or surviving team in the game. After 120 hours of trying, I got my first chicken dinner and it was such a huge personal accomplishment that made my week.

Near zero wait time.

One huge difference from games like say Overwatch, I haven’t experienced much wait time. It could be that they haven’t fully implemented match-making yet, but at the same time, there are only a handful of game modes, and often up to a million players playing concurrently.

Anyway, I have been hooked on this game for a while and it’s definitely worth a try.

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