An Overview of Fortnite Battle Royale Android Game

Fortnite Battle Royale Android APK

Game History

Over the years, we have seen stunning android battle games that have blown our minds with features and gameplay that we cannot resist. Today, Fortnite Battle Royale developed by Epic Games has become a great game. The games have been released for Xbox One, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in September 2017.In early 2018, the iOS version of Battle Royale was released. You can also download Fortnite Battle Royale APK for Android.

A little about the game

The Fortnite Battle Royale was designed to allow players with an opportunity to explore the game. At once, 100 players can build small squads and enjoy the battle. Gamers can also play as individuals.The game aims to make sure that there is one man standing who will play to finish. The last player will be expected to escape from lethal damage that will come from outside. The Battle Royale game is created to give every mobile game lover something to experience with the many features. There is an opportunity for players to savage for armors and weapons to eliminate enemies.

The feature of construction on the game allows players to destroy any object to build fortifications for support during attacks. There is a limited cross-platform play that those playing with PlayStation 4, Xbox one, computer versions and also mobile can use.The Fortnite Battle Royale concept was initiated in 2017 that has caused a rapid development and advancement in the game. Unlike the initial Fortnite games, Epic Games decided to make a Battle Royale that will attract more players to it.


The gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale is fashioned after the Battle Royale genre format, where there is an airdrop of 100 players from floating vehicles and dropped on a map. The consistent map has combat features, weapons, and armors that are dropped during the game. The safe zone of the game is depicted with the eye of a storm, which goes not in size as the game is placed. Any player that leaves the safe zone may find it difficult to survive and while in the safe zone, a player has encounters and fights.

Fortnite Battle Royale Game is designed to ensure that enemies are defeated by a player. Some of the objects that are used in construction include woods, metals, and stones. The dropping of weapons and armors randomly can be used in fortifying a player during battles.

Microtransactions – Taking the game to a whole new level

To make the game more exciting, there are microtransactions that a player can make with the ‘V-Bucks’.The V-Bucks is the game internal currency that will help a player make purchases like the emotes, weapon skins, costumes, heroes and other cosmetic items.

A game developed for all

With Epic Games releasing the mobile version of the game, there has been an increase in the interest of parents, children and even the elders in the game. To discourage students from playing this game in classes, the developer has added to the loading screen of the game, warnings to students who may want to disrupt their classes with the game. The game is addictive, and the way it is built makes it nearly impossible for the player to abandon the game. Once the game is started, it may be difficult to stop the game.

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